A few poems

“ache” & “therapy session 1”

“an ocean.”

“anti-love spell”

“baptism,” “histrionic (case study),” & “snapshots”

“beautiful (an elegy)” & “covet”



“boundless grace, drinking games, & the musicians”

“elegy underwater” and “needles”


“good luck charm (reversed)”

“goodnight moon”

a haunting

“how it really ends”

“how to disappear”

“a kind of silence”

“king of the bar scene”

labor day

“last blues on red hands”

“last night in chincoteague” & “phone sex lullabies”

“last year, as a lush”

“manic pixie”

“men in the moon” 

“night hymn (autumnal)”



“A Photo and its Negative”

“the pixies (for everything)”


“real / unreal,” “i know things now,” & “touched”


“seven devils”


“snapshot (nashville)” & “snapshot (atlanta)”

“snapshot in blinks”


“summer elegy” & “romanticizing”

“there’s a light on in germantown”

“things i have learned”

“things my boyfriends taught me”

“to / from”

what is holy

“what the water taught me”

“the wrestler”

Bonus, an essay!

“Shitty Tattoos”

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